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The Center supports your quit journey

Make today an opportunity to end the Black community’s relationship with menthol and all flavored tobacco.

November 16, 2023 is the Great American Smokeout – an annual event sponsored by the American Cancer Society and supported by The Center for Black Health & Equity. This observance day encourages people who smoke to quit. It is also Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The Center understands that cessation can be difficult – especially when menthol remains on the market.

45,000 African Americans die every year due to tobacco-related illnesses. It’s known that menthol, the minty flavoring added to tobacco products, makes it easier to start smoking but harder for people to quit. Targeted marketing from the tobacco industry, over several decades, has increased our exposure to these minty, deadly products.

Let today be the start of your smoke-free life! Call the quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW to help yourself or someone you love start their quit journey.

Show others how you’re participating this year by sharing these graphics on social media.





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