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Capacity building is what we do.


Learning Center:

This site provides access to programs, courses, resources, and toolkits that can help public health officials, community organizers, and the community at-large fight for policies that are centered in public health.

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Black Body - The Podcast

If it helps, hurts, or exists in the Black community -- we'll talk about it. Have a topic suggestion? Email us at


Menthol Resources

The Center's collection of resources related to tobacco and menthol in Black communities.


Pathways to Freedom:

Leading the Way to a Smoke Free Community

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State of Black Health Policy Platform 2023:

Download this guide to help address the deeper causes of poor Black health outcomes in your community and advocate for equitable public policy.

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Transforming the Narrative

This toolkit offers insight from project partners that built and amplified transformative narratives in their communities and offers resources to build sustainable, cross-sector relationships, and grassroots power.


Truth Check

Fake and harmful info in your newsfeed can spread out of control. The Truth Check Training gives you the skills you need to spot false and fraudulent information.

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Sip & Share

The Center's uterine fibroid toolkit developed for Sip & Share events that occurred in 2022.

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Power & Immunity
Developed in partnership with The Center for Black Health & Equity, this guide provides public health information and explores the contributions of Black scientists and public health advocates who are helping to bring this pandemic to an end.

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GIS Mapping
A geographic information system (GIS) helps to gather, manage and analyze data to help address public health disparities and make programmatic decisions.

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