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Information for protecting our bodies & our community.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information Resource

African Americans across the U.S. have deepened our country’s legacy of ingenuity, creativity, and endurance. Yet social injustices like wealth gaps and health disparities continue to stifle our ability to secure legacies for our own families. Despite social and economic injustice, though, we continue to stand up for our personal well-being and that of the next generation. We are unafraid to call into question anything that threatens that legacy. We lean into skepticism and heed the wisdom that the past has taught us—and we have been better for it. In fact, we have often saved our own lives.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our heroism has been called upon again. Authorized vaccines for the virus have emerged, and we are now charged with making a critically important decision about our health, immunization, and specifically vaccinating against the novel coronavirus. We are charged with choosing the best option for protecting both our well-being and our legacy.


Decisions about health, immunization and new vaccines should never be unduly rushed without thorough investigation. The good news is that the information we need is available.


The Center for Black Health & Equity is proud to partner with The American Lung Association to provide a guide that will help us clarify scientific facts, answer key questions about vaccines, and make well-informed decisions for our health.

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