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Black women are 2-3 times more likely to face uterine fibroids diagnosis

by Symphonie Privett

HARTFORD, Conn — Black women are disproportionately diagnosed with uterine fibroids, typically non-cancerous growths within the uterus.

St. Francis Hospital OB/GYN Dr. Soana Laguerre describes it as a common diagnosis that starts in the muscle layer of the uterus.

“On average, it’s estimated about 70% percent of women will have a uterine fibroid by the time they hit menopause,” Dr. Laguerre said. “It is in higher prevalence in African-American women, about 2-3 times more common.”

Dr. Laguerre said women living with fibroids can have one or multiple that vary in size, shape or location, and they can also grow to larger sizes.

The symptoms a woman may experience varies, but some women may not notice any as the condition is often asymptomatic.

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