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Grandparents May Hold Key To Overcoming COVID Vaccine Hesitancy In Black Community

(Trice Edney Wire) – Black seniors who themselves are vaccinated could be the trusted messengers the community needs to get the Covid vaccination, said public health experts at a news briefing Sept. 21.

“In the black community, grandparents hold a place of high respect,” said pediatrician Michael Lenoir, board chair of the African American Wellness Project. “The grandmothers, in my opinion, hold the black community together.”

“So if the grandparent is telling the young: ‘you need to go get vaccinated. I got vaccinated, you need to go get vaccinated,’ there’s not a lot of discussion, it’s pretty straightforward,” he said at the news briefing, jointly organized by Ethnic Media Services and California Black Media.

Older African Americans are much more open to the discussion of vaccines than younger African Americans are, said Lenoir. He noted that Black parents are holding themselves and their children back from getting vaccinated because of fears of possible negative side effects from the shot.

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