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Early detection is the best prevention—the importance of cervical screenings

BeRana Divine wears a pair of teal and white ribbon-shaped earrings that are engraved with the word “Surviving.”

“It’s an acceptance,” Divine said. “It was a shock at first, then it went from shock to being flat, to a little anger, but now I’m at, ‘Let’s just get this over with.’”

Divine’s roller coaster of emotions began a little over a month ago when she received a call from her longtime gynecologist. He told her she had cancer.

“I just froze, and was like, ‘Are you freaking kidding me?’” Divine said. “But ultimately, you have to find a way to accept what you can’t change, because that is the key to your healing.”

Now the teal and white of her earrings represent cervical cancer awareness.

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