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CDC Now Reports COVID Cases and Deaths by Vax Status

The CDC has begun to provide weekly data on COVID-19 cases and deaths by vaccination status, illustrating the stark differences between those who have received the shots and those who haven’t — and even revealing some differences between vaccines.

Users can parse the data by vaccine product, and while the unvaccinated have the highest rates of cases and deaths, there’s a numeric divergence for the three vaccines as well.

Deaths among the unvaccinated peaked the week starting August 8, at 13.23 per 100,000 population, while deaths among those who had been vaccinated with one of the three products remained under four per 100,000 that week. For the vaccinated, deaths were numerically highest among Johnson & Johnson recipients, at 3.14 per 100,000, followed by Pfizer at 1.43, and Moderna at 0.73.

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