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Black Community Joins "A Fight to the Finish" on No Menthol Sunday 2022

No Menthol Sunday (NMS) has entered its seventh year, ringing in participation in communities all across the country.

The Center for Black Health & Equity created this observance day to equip faith-based institutions with the materials needed to talk about the harms of mentholated tobacco.

Menthol has no place in our communities and this weekend, the message was amplified.

TV interviews, talks with local retailers, conversations with congregations — just some of the awesome work we’ve witnessed all over the country.

No Menthol Sunday was mentioned in over 15 media outlets including Essence Magazine and the Detroit Free Press. Social media posts discussing #NoMentholSunday were shared by advocates in several states.

The Wisconsin African American Tobacco Prevention Network, one of our longtime dedicated partners for NMS, held community coloring events and invited retailers to not sell tobacco products on May 15th.

Folks in Detroit, The Center for Urban Youth and Family Development and Making it Count, had children sharing PSAs and passed out NMS church fans.

The consistent support from states like Michigan and Wisconsin is valued, but it is always exciting to see new groups join the movement.

This year, the Vermont Department of Health highlighted the campaign in media coverage. Oregon, a state that has participated before, translated the messages to Spanish to rally priority populations there.

No Menthol Sunday has reached international success before, but this year included a mention from tobacco control advocates in Colombia.

This helped to accomplish one of The Center’s many goals with No Menthol Sunday – participation expansion, increased use of resources, and keeping communities updated on the FDA’s plan to ban menthol.

This campaign fell right after the anniversary of the FDA’s proposal to ban menthol. As we have learned about the FDA’s rulemaking process to create the language for this policy, organizers have used this to fuel their No Menthol Sunday activities and underscore the importance of the observance day.

“No Menthol Sunday is over for this year but we will continue to spread awareness boldly and fight Big Tobacco until this menthol ban comes to fruition,” says Greg Bolden, Community Initiative Program Manager.