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8 Historical Women You Had No Idea Were Queer

Oftentimes when we think of historical figures, we don’t imagine them being anything other than straight. However, there have always been lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and queer people throughout history, but the terms to represent their sexuality were not always in existence.

Relationships and language are influenced by power, meaning that straight men in recent history have dominated the narrative. This hegemony pushes down the beautiful diverse love stories that are normal and deserve to be represented.

As a reminder, the term “Queer” was reclaimed in the 1980’s and now serves as an umbrella term for the LGBTQ+ spectrum. “Queer” breaks the binary that sexualities are often bounded by, freeing the multiplicity and fluidity of identity. Some of these figures clearly align as what we now call “Bi-Sexual” or “Lesbian, etc, but if their sexuality is not as defined, I will use the term “Queer”. With that said, here are a few of the wonderful queer figures from our  past!

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