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70% We Want to Quit

Download the 2021 Toolkit

Seventy percent of African Americans who smoke report a desire to quit commercial tobacco, and this is encouraging news. Yet, while this percentage is higher than that of white people who smoke, African Americans often report more failed quit attempts. There are many factors that contribute to this concerning reality, but there are also many solutions for increasing successful quit rates among African Americans. The Center for Black Health & Equity is proud to partner with National Jewish Health to provide

The 70% resource guide for building effective cessation programs for African Americans who are ready to quit commercial tobacco for good. It is designed to assist state tobacco control managers in educating, engaging, encouraging and supporting Black Americans in their unique journeys to quit using menthols and other tobacco products. The 70% guide will provide a clear understanding of how to engage African Americans who smoke in cessation treatment programs while also taking into account the social determinants of health that impact their everyday lives. This document will also challenge the overtly racist rhetoric that Big Tobacco has promoted regarding menthol, a key element in addiction, and increase your understanding of the nuanced Black experience.

This toolkit will provide tobacco control personnel with brief information about the relationship between the African American community and tobacco. It will present the social implications of menthol flavoring, how menthol continues to be disproportionately targeted to African Americans, detail cessation challenges and suggestions on how to be a catalyst for successful quit journeys for the African Americans in your community.

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