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No Menthol Sunday

Use No Menthol Sunday 2022 to trample the opposition. This toolkit will equip participants with strategies, facts, and talking points to be bold in this final fight against tobacco. Decades of work are now coming to fruition and we must maintain momentum until it is accomplished. Don't be afraid to get in the ring, we've already won.​

No Menthol Sunday

The Center for Black Health & Equity’s No Menthol Sunday is an annual opportunity to engage faith communities in tough conversations about how menthol and tobacco addiction have robbed us of our health for generations. The tobacco industry has stripped our community's

finances, engaged in targeted predatory marketing, and attempted to dupe young people with

flavors like menthol. Their industry execs have once said that they don't smoke their own

deadly products--they reserve that right for "the young, the poor, the Black and stupid."

Those are fighting words.

So after a decades-long battle for health justice in tobacco control, we are embarking upon a

major win. In 2022, we anticipate that the Food & Drug Administration will finally issue standard

regulations that will prohibit the sale of tobacco products with any characterizing flavors

including menthol. This is historic! Just as it was written in Isaiah 55:11, we are now seeing the

fulfillment of what we had long set out to accomplish.

While we expect total victory, we know we can also expect opposition from every side. That

means we must prepare for a bare knuckle final fight to the finish. This year, Faith

communities must secure support from African American stakeholders and ensure they

understand the benefits of the new law.

We speak loudly against social, economic

and governmental systems that perpetuate health disparities and keep tobacco use at status quo.

No Menthol Sunday serves to raise our consciousness about important issues in Black health.

When people of faith remain vigilant, educate youth, and inspire community action, we will

begin to move toward total health justice. It's a new day!

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